Joint winners for Best Design in the International Tourism Toilet Awards 2017 judged in Quebec Canada.

Centre for Appropriate Technology (CfAT) architects worked closely with Kathleen in designing a custom toilet, brush screens and a bough shelter for Kathleen’s small tourism business 18km west of Alice Springs. The construction was project managed by CfAT and built impeccably by MPH Projects, and then embellished by Kathleen Buzzacott herself.

Kathleen Buzzacott was directly involved in the design process right from the start, as she wanted to produce something that would meld into the native scenery in Tyewenpe.


  • CfAT facilitated Kathleen’s vision into a buildable design
  • Funding was approved through the Department of Aboriginal Affairs, NTG
  • MPH Projects constructed the design
  • Kathy Buzzacott painted the doors of the toilets
  • The designers commissioned Alice Springs Corrections to cut out the white cockatoo’s
  • The project was completed to Kathy’s satisfaction and she entered the design into the World Tourism Toilet completion for 2017
  • The toilet jointly won the best design award 2017, link:…/