Established in 1980, the Centre for Appropriate Technology (CAT) is a leading Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander science and technology company specialising in providing appropriate technology and service delivery solutions across remote Australia. 

CAT provides skilled project management in remote area operations. Our grasp of specialised logistics and our commitment to employing local Aboriginal people means we not only get the job done efficiently but we also build local capacity for long term sustainability. 

Our vision: Sustainable and enterprising communities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People underpinned by appropriate ‘fit for purpose’ technology.

Our purpose: Through our unique knowledge of and engagement with remote people and place we will deliver practical, integrated project design, technical innovation, training and infrastructure products and services – supporting livelihoods and growth in economic opportunities across remote areas.  

Our core activities fall under six key business areas:

  1. Technology innovation and application

  2. Applied project design, management and professional services

  3. Community engagement, planning and facilitation

  4. Place based accredited training, skills development and capacity building

  5. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander enterprise and jobs

  6. Infrastructure design, engineering, construction and fabrication