Since its inception in 1980, Centre for Appropriate Technology (CfAT) has been an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) controlled business shaped to support people in regional and remote Australia to have choices to maintain their relationship with county; live on, visit, develop and protect. The CfAT Community Infrastructure Team specialises in researching what can be reliable, bush hardy products designed for the remote geographical areas throughout the NT, WA and QLD. We engage with communities underpinning foundations and encourage sustainable development through innovative solutions. Our bush hardy products have been designed in consultation with Aboriginal people and place and have been tested to endure the remote environment. Our footprint has spanned over 408 communities in the NT, WA and QLD some of which have established our bush hardy products including, ablutions, hot water chip heaters, bough shelters, tables and chairs, bbq pit and billy stand, fire guards, drum ovens, beds and many more. We involve the community as much as possible providing paid employment, white card training and certificate I or II qualifications to those who can contribute. We monitor, evaluate and assess each project onsite.

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Kathleen Buzzacot Art Studio

We are proud to be the joint winners of the 2017 Inaugural Toilet Tourism Award!

After engaging in the concept of “if you build it they will come”, well renowned, local Aboriginal artist and jewelry maker Kathleen Buzzacott decided to pursue funding for an ablution and bough shelter to be constructed beside her Art Studio in Central Australia. Kathleen’s vision was to attract Tourists visiting in and around Alice Springs to her Art Studio, to share cross cultural understanding and communication. The Centre for Appropriate Technology assisted Kathleen with the design, and MPH Projects in Alice Springs were nominated to construct the design.  


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The Telstra Foundation

The Telstra Foundation provided funding to support the install of the Centre for Appropriate Technology bush hardy products at Kiwirrkura, remote Western Australia. In partnership with the Central Desert Native Title Services, a Team of 32 pulled together to install an open meeting place, tables and chairs, a bbq pit, billy stand and a notice board to withstand the harsh climate.

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Bough Shelter

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Closed Meeting Place

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