Training and Education

Place based accredited training, on the job training, skills development and capacity building.

Providing people in remote communities with the skills, on the job training and capability to actively engage in the workforce becomes a core component of CAT Ltd’s operations. Through years of engaging in projects in remote locations, CAT Ltd has developed a clear niche for delivering technical training ‘in place’, based on ‘demand driven’ business model. CAT Ltd has fully equipped metal, woodwork and automotive workshops within our premises and deploys well equipped and experienced trainers for programs on communities.

CAT Ltd has our Life Skills Camp accommodation on-site in Alice Springs, and this may be available to package in with your training plans. 12 single rooms, a laundry facility, communal kitchen and meeting space may be utilised.


Certificates I and II in Automotive Vocational Preparation and Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology.

Infrastructure operations

Certificate I in Resources and Infrastructure Operations.

Civil and construction

Certificate I in Construction, Certificate II in Construction Pathway, Civil Construction and Civil Construction Plan Operations.

Outdoor power equipment

Certificate II in Outdoor Power Equipment Technology.


Certificate II in Engineering.                                                        

Remote area essential services

Certificates II in Remote Area Essential Services, Certificate II Rural Operations and Certificate II in Water Operations.