The Certificate II in Rural Operations provides an occupational outcome for industries and agencies in rural and regional Australia. The course develops skills in:

  • Using hand and power tools
  • Operating and maintaining basic machinery
  • Undertaking basic landscaping and construction works
  • Installing aggregate paths
  • Installing, maintaining and repairing fencing
  • Communicating in the workplace
  • Applying work, health and safety procedures

Completing a Certificate II in Rural Operations can lead to work in a variety of areas including:

  • Environmental services
  • Construction and landscaping
  • Farm Hand
  • Repairs and maintenance, handyman

Depending on the units selected individuals can be employed not only in rural industries but also other rural and regional sectors, such as local government, tourism, hospitality, transport, construction, community services, information technology and metals.

The Certificate II in Rural Operations can be specifically tailored for employees of Regional

Councils and local government Shires, who are required to undertake municipal and essential services, landscaping and repairs and maintenance works. All skills learned in this qualification are useful for living on country or working in remote locations on properties.

Government subsidies for training programs vary by State and Territory jurisdictions. Government subsidised training places are generally available to those without a qualification up to a Certificate III level especially for those referred through an employment service provider.

There may be subsidies available to employers to support the cost of training their employees. Employers are usually expected to contribute to the cost of training.

To be awarded this qualification, competency must be demonstrated in completion of fifteen (15) units made up of:

Two (2) core units

AHCOHS201A, Participate in OHS processes

AHCWRK209A, Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

Thirteen (13) elective units

AHCARB205A, Operate and maintain chainsaws

AHCCHM201A,Apply chemicals under supervision

AHCING202A, Install, maintain and repair fencing

AHCIRG204A, Lay irrigation and/or drainage pipes

AHCIRG206A, Maintain pressurised irrigation systems

AHCLSC201A, Assist with landscape construction work

AHCLSC203A, Install aggregate paths

AHCMOM203A, Operate basic machinery and equipment

AHCMOM204A, Undertake operational maintenance of machinery

AHCMOM207A, Conduct front-end loader operations

AHCPGD205A, Prepare a grave site

AHCPMG201A, Treat weeds

AHCWRK205A, Participate in workplace communication



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