The Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation prepares prospective employees to undertake work in the broader automotive industry.

The job roles related to this qualification include:

  • trade assistant
  • vehicle service assistant
  • automotive service assistant
  • trainee service person
  • automotive trainee

This qualification covers the skills and knowledge required to perform a limited range of tasks related to familiarisation and inspection of mechanical and electrical components and systems of cars, heavy vehicles, outdoor power equipment, bicycles, marine craft and motorcycles.

This qualification also covers the skills and knowledge required to perform minor maintenance and repair of an automotive vehicle body.

This qualification provides individuals with an introduction to the automotive industry as well as some of the basic skills needed. It is an appropriate level for an individual undertaking work experience, or in a probationary period in employment.

Credit may be granted towards this qualification by those who have completed AUR10112 Certificate I in Automotive Vocational Preparation or other relevant qualifications.

Further training pathways from this qualification include AUR12 Training Package Certificate III qualifications or other relevant qualifications.

Government subsidies for training programs vary by State and Territory jurisdictions. Government subsidised training places are generally available to those without a qualification up to a Certificate III level especially for those referred through an employment service provider.

There may be subsidies available to employers to support the cost of training their employees. Employers are usually expected to contribute to the cost of training.

To be awarded this qualification, competency must be demonstrated through completion of twelve (12) units made up of:

Seven (7) core units

AURAEA2002, Apply environmental and sustainability best practice in an automotive workplace

AURAF2003, Communicate effectively in an automotive workplace

AURAFA2004, Solve routine problems in an automotive workplace

AURASA2002, Solve routine problems in an automotive workplace

AURETR1003, Apply safe working practices in an automotive workplace

AURLTA1001, Apply automotive electrical system fundamentals

AURTTK2002, Use and maintain workplace tools and equipment

Five (5) elective units

(which could include, but are not limited to the following units)

AURAFA2005, Write routine texts in an automotive workplace

AURAMA2001, Work effectively with others

AURBTA1001, Remove and tag bicycle components

AURBTJ2001, Remove, repair and fit bicycle tyres